Sierra Vista part 2

We headed out of town to check out the property. The house was almost exactly what I want, but it was also more than we can spend. The girls loved the property but I think they cold love any property, and we all pictured Lily running wild on the 8 acres. Gwennie was disappointed when we told her that there was a chance we wouldn't buy that house. She has already picked out which room would be hers and was planning how much fun she would have outside. Rhayn was planning her chickens, since there was already a chicken coup.

(Its been a few days, and Will has found another that we could be happy with that is quite a lot less money.) While there we became acquainted with the biggest GRASSHOPPERS ever. The ground crawled with them.

We left the property and drove out of town and down a looooooong dirt road to see where another property was. Both Will and I laughed at the thought of living that far out of town and down a road that looked like it washes out seasonally.

Between the property we loved and the one we laughed about, we were driving along Highway 90. Will mentioned that this was a long drive and this property better be amazing. As he said that we crested a small hill and looked down at the San Pedro River. It was beautiful. Huge cottonwoods surround the river.
The next morning we took our time getting up and going. We headed out of town and went to a Paleo-Indian excavation site. There was a small canyon that we had to climb into where you could see the layers of time.After leaving Murray Springs, we went to the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area. We saw the biggest cottonwood trees we had ever seen. In fact one of them was on the Arizona Register of Big Trees (it had a small plaque). This would be an ideal spot to take family pictures eventually.I love this area. The San Pedro River has so much to offer. No, Sierra Vista has so much to offer. Its lovely there.After we left the San Pedro we headed back to the apartment. We all had gotten too much sun, though we all wore hats while hiking (even Will, who ended up wearing the tropical little kid hat since Gwennie wanted to wear a camouflage hat.) For dinner we had KFC and then we went to the park because the girls wanted to play on the merry-go-round again. I used to love merry-go-rounds. You don't see them often so this was a special treat for us. It was awesome to sit at the park as the sun set watching the girls have a wonderful time playing.
As the sun set we got ready to leave. We rounded up the girls and as we were standing there a bat flew right over out heads (scared me!) which was pretty cool.

In the morning we slowly got ready to go. Leaving was hard. Really hard. I don't like doing it, but it was worth the drive and uncomfortableness of sleeping in a one bedroom upstairs apartment to spend time with Will.


Meli said...

When we were looking at Arizona as a possible move spot for us ... Sierra Vista is where we zeroed in on. I love it there. Still may move there one day.

Elise said...

That beauty was the one of the best parts of visiting the ranch. The river, the exploring, the desert (an actual green looking desert), sand, rocks, wildlife. so much beauty out there. (occasional snow in the winter too!)

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