Last night I had a hot flash. Like an "I want to throw all of my clothes off and stand in front of the fan" kind of flash. What is that all about? I was sweaty and uncomfortable. And outside it was cool and lovely because a storm blew through the city.

Last night I felt like a terrible mom, because Nan wanted to play and I wanted to go to bed. She is practicing crawling and sitting and it makes it hard for her to sleep.

Now for the really bad mom part.

On my bed if the baby monitor. I use it nearly every morning because I wake at 6 and Nan usually wakes at 7. So that is bad, right? Well last night as I was standing in front of and facing the fan trying to cool off, she pulled the baby monitor and stuck the cord in her mouth. The live end of it that plugs into the monitor. AND it was plugged into the wall.

I was mad at her for crying.
it was not the first time she's stuck a cord in her mouth and gotten a little shock.

She screamed and cried and we stood in front of the fan while I started to cry. When she finally calmed down I had to turn the light off to get her to understand it was BED time.


Briep said...

I only got hot flashes when I was pregnant! I got them all the time.

lvh said...

I frequently wonder about the safety issue with all of the cords all of us have plugged into the wall with the other end just hanging loose cause we've unplugged our cell phone, ipod, laptop etc. So glad baby girl is okay.

Hang in their girl - absolutely no one expects you to be Patty Perfect and when I see how sweet and fantastic your girls are I know you are doing a bang up job of being a Mom.

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