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Today at 5am, Natalie's fever spiked back up to 103.6. Scary. A dose of tylenol and hours of snuggling in the recliner were in order. Around 7 I made sure the girls were up and set an unhappy Nan on the floor while I got dressed.

At school finally, totally tired from 2 early mornings. I decided that if at 9am she was still feeling cruddy I would take her to the urgent care. Fortunately for us all, I stopped at Target to pick up some infant advil, and even before I gave it to her, she smiled and started acting more like herself again. So I decided to avoid the cesspool of germs that is often called an urgent care.

We came home and snuggled in the chair then she crawled on the floor happily for a while. (She would begin fussing every now and again.)

During one of her screaming fits, I noticed that toothy #2 broke the gum today. That must have exasperated her cruddy feeling for sure. Hopefully it doesn't cause her any more grief now.

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Briep said...

Vax and a tooth would give anyone a fever! Hope all is well now. No fun.

P.s. She has caught up to Nannah in the tooth dept. not Omster tho he has the top two also.

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