72 Month Newsletter

Last night of being five.

Dearest Gwennie,

The weeks leading up to your birthday were exciting to you. Nothing thrilled you as much as marking another day off of the calendar. You knew that your birthday was going to be a little sad, because your big sister was going to the Grand Canyon with her class for a few days. But that didn't stop you from fully enjoying your day.

I picked you up from school early and had planned to take you to see a movie. You wanted to go have a playdate with your cousin Maddie. We were going to have dinner with her anyway, so this was a good idea. We stopped on the way and got ice cream at Dairy Queen. You enjoyed your dipped cone.
Outfit picked out for your birthday.

You love school. I didn't doubt that you would. You don't like for nap care but Rhayn loved it. By the end of those days you are exhausted and grumpy.Six is such a big age. I am just shocked at how fast time is flying by. I think this is the last year that you will be able to wear this birthday shirt. We'll have to put it away for Nan to wear when she is big enough.
You are silly and so much fun. I am always thankful for you.

I love you,

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