48 Month Newsletter

Dearest Gwennie,

Today you turn forty eight months old. That is four whole years. For four years you have been here, in our family.

A few months ago, you didn’t like to draw. You would sometimes, circles would cover the pages. For months you only drew pictures of “jellyfish”. Then one day you sat down and drew our family. The same day your drawings went from simple 2 circle people with just a head and body, eyes and legs, to complex people with noses, ears, mouths, hair and arms. Occasionally they even have necks. Now you draw cats and dogs on everything you can put a pen on. I love watching you draw, but you don’t like us to watch you. When you are done with the picture, you hold it up and tell us about it. Its awesome.

Nearly all of your third year of life (or a third of your life) was spent with Daddy in Iraq. This was hard on you, because you couldn’t really understand it. You would tell us that daddy was “at work”, in fact you would tell anyone who would listen that your Daddy was at work. Just one month ago, he came home. It was the greatest day in your life yet. I don’t think you will have many days as perfect as that. You didn’t want to leave his side. (I don’t blame you. Rhayn and I felt the same way!)

You are a great eater. You love food. Sure, there are plenty of unhealthy things that you like to eat, but you will gladly eat fruits and vegetables. I can slice bell peppers and you will snack on those. Rhayn doesn’t touch them. Tomatoes are something you refuse to eat, unless they are in ketchup form.

Playing horses is your favorite game. Most little girls want to play princesses, but you want to be the princess’ horse. We play My Little Ponies often, you pass out the ponies, and tell us what we need to do with them (and what their names are.) If you could chose Daddy would play with you all of the time.

Unfortunately you are still having trouble wetting the bed at night. It isn’t every night, but often enough that you are still wearing diapers. The day time accidents are much better. Sure, some day you will look back at this with mortification, but let me say that I wet the bed once in a while until I was 16 or so. Please don’t be self-conscious about it, its just one of those things that happens. Maybe ask your grandma about bedwetting? She has some great stories.

For your birthday this year you asked for a “big stuffed shamu and a baby beluga”. Another thing you asked for were pink princess pants with butterflies. I didn’t find a stuffed shamu for you, but I did find a plastic orca and a baby beluga. I went to a local specialty toy store and asked them if they had a baby beluga. The lady looked it up and found that they had one in stock, but we had to search the shelf to find it. Luckily it was found and hopefully you like it. The “pink princess pants” were harder to find. I am not exactly sure what “princess pants” look like. I did find a pair of pink jean-like pants with butterflies on them. I hope they fit what you were imagining. I am sure you will love your presents, because you are so easy to please. I am thankful for that.

Gwennie, you are so extraordinary. Every day I am thankful to be your Mama. Your Daddy and I love you more than we ever thought we could love someone (besides Rhayn) and every day you astonish me with everything you know.


tif-do said...

Happy Birthday to Gwennie. It has been so fun watching her grow up on Blogger.

Amie said...

wow, those boots are awesome! happy birthday Gwen!

Mo said...

Lovely post and what a sweet girl!

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