Rules and Loneliness

Its rather quiet at this moment. The big girls are playing nicely at the kitchen table (sure there was an early bedtime threatened if they fought) and for the moment Natalie is rolling around happily on the floor blowing raspberries.

We have some new school-time rules that we are trying to stick to. The main one is no television until Gwennie is in bed. Gwennie has so much trouble sleeping that I am willing to try darn near anything to help her be ready when that time of day hits. We're five minutes from that right now. Last week we did really well with the no t.v. rule, until she got sick. Then it was almost 24 hours of t.v. straight. This was followed by Daddy coming home and later nights and much television. Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night we rough and she didn't go to sleep until nearly 9pm. Last week she was falling asleep much earlier but now I wonder if it was due to her illness or not.

It is now 8:30, the girls are in bed, lights are out. I'm holding a sleeping baby and watching a show. I am lonely, really lonely. I loved having Will home this weekend and it reminds me of how much I love having us all here together.


Pen-nut said...

I just want you to know that I think you are an amazing and strong woman. I would have such a hard time if my husband had to be gone for work, you handle it so well, and are such a wonderful and loving Mom. Your girls are lucky to have you.

Mo said...

I'm with Pen-nut on that one!

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