Our Weekend

Yesterday morning I was taking my time getting up and going. I knew we needed to be at my grandma's party at 11, but thought "I have time to sit here". Only I didn't really have the time. I forgot to add the baby factor in. Then at 9 the phone rang. It was Will. He said they were sending him home early. I felt a huge sigh of relief. I was not ready to be single mom to 3 kids. I thought I could do it, but I was in a constant state of dread.

We made it to the party late since I had to find a ride for Will (Thanks to SK!) and get gas. At the gas station Natalie was crying so we parked and I nursed her. It was drizzling all the way so I drove slowly. We made it just a little late.

The party was nice. I didn't take any pictures the whole day. So if anyone has any good pictures of me or the girls send them my way, please.
Today we took a family trip to the botanical garden. It was perfect outside, just cool enough that it felt great to be in the sun. Natalie slept in the wrap the whole time and that was awesome. I had so many people take a peek at her or ask about the baby. It was nice, but after just about 40 minutes my body was tired. I trekked on, knowing that it was good for us to be out. My bottom aches a bit again. (Stupid 'roids.)


Briep said...

I am glad you came. even if I didnt get to hold your little baby girl.

I also hope those roids get better. that is no bueno.

Amie said...

Seriously woman, did you just have a baby? Cuz you look fantastic.

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