This week I am grateful for~

~Will coming home early. Seriously the best news at the best time. You have no idea how much less stressed I feel. Friday night I nearly lost my mind. I was so tired, so ready to run away from everything.
~The cool weekend that we just had complete with rain. I love rain.
~A family party. I loved seeing all of my mom's side of the family (or at least a very large chunk of them!) Even though I felt out of it and was quiet (I am almost always quiet) it was great just to see all of those amazing people.
~The knowledge that soon I will come out of this post-birth haze and feel human again. Right now I am struggling just to make it through each day. When I talk to people I feel sort of... high. It feels like I've taken 3 benadryl and am trying to function through that.
~ Sleep.

1 comment:

Amie said...

So glad he's home for ya! And how cute is that first picture!!

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