2 weeks old

I can not believe its been 2 weeks already. This little girl has been a much harder newborn in many ways. I was mistaken in thinking that I was an awesome mom to newborns because both Rhayn and Gwennie were easy. Lets just say, I got lucky with them. I think Natalie has a touch of colic. I know it could be a lot worse, as she is only fussy for a short while. If I had no other responsibilities this wouldn't be a big deal either. We'd just adjust our day to start later. This is not the case, though.

Natalie has a fussy time at night. Last night was fairly rough, I was downstairs watching tv with Will and she fell asleep. I thought "yay! Now I can go to bed." I lay her down and went to brush my teeth. As soon as I lay down she started fussing. This continued for about an hour and a half. She would settle down so we would lay down and she'd start fussing again. She was fine as long as we were pacing or rocking. But my body was aching and it hurt to pace with her. She'd latch on an nurse for a second or two, then she would start fighting my breast and pulling, pushing and arching her back away from me. It hurts as those milk bags are attached to me and still not fully used to being yanked on like that. (They hurt less now than they did just a few days ago and will continue to be less sensitive every day.)

All I wanted was to fall asleep and that was not going to happen. Its funny because my niece, Madder, had colic and I remember feeling afraid while I was pregnant that this little one would have it. I thought I was being silly. And no, I know its really not so bad. I know she will eventually outgrow this fussiness. Eventually this too shall pass.

And eventually I'll sleep well again.

Notice the 2 sweet sleeping pictures I posted? She looks so perfect when she sleeps and she sleeps well during the day and on her belly. I know, I know, back to sleep, but she spits up less this way and stays asleep longer. Poor little fuss pot.

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Amanda said...

She's beautiful!!! I had one with moderate colic, some night I couldn't keep Cyrus from screaming for hours. Ugh. It got to the point that I would spend most evenings alone with him in my darkened bedroom, for hours. Matt would sneak me my dinner in there. I watched almost a whole season of Dancing with The Stars this way. Three months will come before you know it.

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