1 week old

This morning I awoke long before the sun came up. This is not abnormal since Natalie joined us, but this morning it was different. My breasts were hard and throbbing, I was shivering uncontrollably, and I looked at the clock it was almost 3am.

One week ago, I was getting ready to push her out. One week ago, I was in a totally different kind of pain. One week ago, my body was doing an amazing thing. I lay in the dark, and looked at her. This small person that one week ago I hadn't really even met. I pulled her to me and held her closely as I thought about how sweet she is.

She is a lot like Gwennie as a newborn. But she cries more. She can go from a little whimpering cry to a full blown scream in moments if we don't pay attention to her. She is already too long for most of the newborn clothes. Thanks to Aunt Brie we have plenty of 0-3 month clothes for her to wear.

Yesterday was her first trip out of the house. I took her to the doctor for her newborn check. She was weighed (8 pounds 13.4 ounces) and measured (22 1/4 inches long) and her head circumference taken (36.5 cm). She was not happy about the cold room an being naked. Also her umbilical cord slimed me. We didn't use alcohol on it, instead we used goldenseal powder on it which doesn't dry it out quite the same. I was a little worried about it, so the doctor looked at it and had another doctor verify that it was in fact, just fine.

Natalie did just fine in the car, too. She slept the whole ride there and back. I only heard a little squawk from her once which made me worry because we were stuck on the interstate in traffic. Not fun. But she settled right back down.

This morning I checked Natalie's diaper and looked at her umbilical cord stump. It was barely hanging on. We went downstairs and I sat down on the floor to change her diaper. The stump had fallen off on our way downstairs. I didn't look for it, but I am pretty sure that Lily disposed of it. (Gross.) I can not believe that she is growing up so fast.

I have a fever today, its not quite 100 but its making me feel miserable. Actually its my breasts that are making me miserable. Sigh.


Briep said...

Wow a week already. That is crazy. She is such a cutie!

Amie said...

You don't have an infection do you? mastitis? I think you may have had this before so you know what signs to look out for.

Great job on your first trip out!

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