A New Family Member will be Joining us Sunday (and its NOT the baby)

A friend of ours bought a male guinea pig at the Humane Society. A month later they noticed that Bugsy was getting rather rotund. On March 2nd Bugsy's owner ran up to his mom to tell her that Bugsy had babies! 3 of them! He was really excited about it.

Since Rhayn's birthday was coming up, they asked Will and I if we would be alright with them giving Rhayn a guinea pig for her birthday. We both appreciated that and decided that Rhayn has proven herself responsible enough to take care of one.

At her birthday party they brought a few pictures of Patch and his cage. We just had to figure out where to put him. Then Rhayn and I decided to build a little table to house his cage. We have wood in the garage as well as some table legs that I bought a long while ago to make a sofa table. (I ended up getting different legs for it, because I didn't like the spindle look.)Will helped by cutting the wood down to size. It was a 12 inch by 72 inch piece that we needed cut to 39 inches. The cage itself is 15 by 36.After the wood was measure and cut, I helped them place the metal brackets for the legs. I drilled pilot holes for the screws.Then both girls worked together to screw the brackets and legs on.They checked the table, we filled in some holes with wood filler. Then sanded the surface smooth.
Rhayn picked a dark turquoise color to paint the table.
We gave it two coats. (I really thought I would make it through this pregnancy without painting anything.) Then let it cure overnight.
Now we are just waiting for Patch to be weaned and old enough to come live with us.


tif-do said...

That's an awesome table, and they are great pets, to bad I'm extremely allergic. Hope she has lots of fun with it.

Amanda said...

That is so cool Helena! I love it so much, and can't wait to see pictures, and hopefully eventually meet Patch!

Amie said...

how cool! Great project and good luck with the new family member. :)

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