Happy Valentine's Day

Gwennie and I were invited to a Valentine's Day potluck/lunch. It was really nice to sit around with a bunch of women, with small children (most had a baby under a year) and there were girls! there. Gwennie usually hangs out with a lot of boys. Not that its a problem for her, she really likes her friends, boy or not. But to be around other little girls is nice. She was the oldest kiddo there, by about a year, though she didn't mind.
This morning, I found this on my bed. Or I would have had Gwennie not told me about it and dragged me in to "find" it. (She kept saying "There is a heart with Rhayn's face on it!") I turned it over and read the note.
I love you, Mom.
from: Rhayn

I love the little notes she leaves me. I didn't teach her this, I used to do things like this, but not since having her. I know she made this a while ago. I remember her asking if she could cut up one of our Christmas cards to use her picture. (Since I over-ordered about 50, this wasn't a problem.) She is really thoughtful.


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mommabear said...

Ahh...so cute! She is thoughtful! C made us a sweet one as well while he made some for his class.

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