So Far...

What have I done so far today?
  • started laundry, load 4 in the wash right now. Two on the line and one in the dryer.
  • emptied and filled the dishwasher. If it doesn't get run at night, it must be done in the morning. That also throws off my dishes schedule.
  • fixed the water line going out to the garden. Next up is plotting out the drip lines. To fix the water line I had to saw 2 parts of it off and reattach using an elbow piece. (Not sure what its called its a 90 degree angle PVC piece.)
  • showered.
  • had 2 small cups of coffee.
  • watched my dog eat grass from one side of the yard while the cat nibbled on the other side. Then the dog puked up the grass (gross, and why did I watch that?).
  • thought about baby names. I have some top contenders (in my head) and no I won't share them with you. You'll just have to wait, mua hahahaha. Then again, aside from this baby being head down with a lovely foot or two in my ribs, I don't feel like I know this little one as well as I felt I knew Gwennie. I want an ultrasound, just to see the baby. I don't need one at all, but... I still want one.
  • sat at the table on my laptop, reading dumb crap on Facebook as well as blogs.
  • wondered if I could take a nap.
  • considered turning on the TV to watch "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" on Netflix instant play, which has been my newest television obsession. I want to watch Glee, but it is not on instant play.
  • been thankful that last week's cold temperatures are over and Gwennie's rash seems to be better.
  • tie-dyed 3 maternity shirts and 2 long sleeved cardigans for the girls.
  • considered what to make/eat for lunch (its 11 am now).
I've only been up for 5 hours, too. I think that is a lot. Although there is always more to do, isn't there? If I want to get the garden planted next week I need to get the drip lines in and the fencing back up. Lily won't like that, she likes to lay in the dirt of the garden and sun herself.


Amanda said...

damn your productive. Its an hour later in the day from the time your blog was published, and at my house I've done.... nothing. Played online, drank a smoothie, changed some diapers, nursed a baby to sleep...

I have a bunch of stuff we can tie dye for your baby, we need to get on that!

bradagenda said...

"Secret Life of an American Teenager" is ridiculously awesome! I caught a few episodes when Shannon was watching it, and I was floored by how over-the-top, unintentionally funny it is. I cannot understand how that show airs on ABC Family.

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