Sometimes I allow myself to get stressed out about things I have no control over. Today has been one of those days. Part of it is my own doing. Part of it is not wanting my kids to go away for the weekend. Part of it is just being pregnant and emotional. My carefully constructed box is cracked and I can't fill those cracks fast enough.

Thursdays used to be my "easy" day. Half day at Rhayn's school, I usually had a leisurely morning having coffee with a friend or two, then to handwork an picked Rhayn up at 12:45. The end. Since we started the winter soccer season its been me holding on to that idea, but also Rhayn's teacher wants them to stay after on Thursdays to study for the AIMS test (instead of taking away valuable class time). I am all for that. So she stays, but then at 3:45 we only have a short time before BOTH girls have soccer practice. At different parks. Rhayn's is from 4:30-6 while Gwennie's is from 5-6. If Will is home to take one, it is fine, and everything runs smoothly. If he's not, I worry about it.

He's home and will take one of them, so why do I feel so stressed out? Why do I feel overwhelmed and frightened? And why the heck don't I want the girls to go see the snow with my parents this weekend?

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Amanda said...

I hated my kids being away from me towards the end of my pregnancy. I felt manipulated into it. It was awful. Listen to your heart, and F*ck everyone else. Do what you need to do in order to feel relaxed and good. If that is to "let it go" and let them go, then do it. If that is to say "I need you home, close to me" than do that! Only a few more weeks now!

Does Tuesday work for you? Your place or mine? (your place)

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