Best pants... ever

When I was pregnant with Rhayn I had a huge pair of overalls that I lived in. No, they weren't maternity ones, just sized really large. When I was pregnant with Gwennie, it was summer and I would have rather been close to naked most of the time because I was so hot. I wore tank tops and shorts or pajamas since we rarely left the house.

This pregnancy, its winter here in Arizona, and today we have a "cold front" moving through. Its still not that cold (especially in comparison to the rest of the country.) I'm cold through and through today.

But, I found these overalls in my pants drawer this morning and once I put them on, I wondered why I hadn't gotten them out sooner (besides that I may have forgotten that they were lent to me!)

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lvh said...

lol - uncle john loves his carhart bib overalls - he wears them every weekend to plow the snow or chop wood. But I make him change before we go shopping. Stay warm down there.

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