Gratitude and Gardening

Happy Monday, all.
Yesterday was a lovely day, so the girls and I went to the zoo. My goal was to get new pictures of them for my blog banner (and myself, too while I was at it.) Rhayn cooperated nicely but Gwennie just entered this "don't take a picture of me" phase. Oh well. Unfortunately Will was unable to go with us because he has a lot of work (that will hopefully be paying work) to do.

When we got home, I was bitten by the nesting bug a bit more. Rhayn and I spent 2 hours deconstructing my garden. I found out that the concrete blocks I had used back in May of 2009 really just baked my garden during the summer. There was a time when my garden was so lush and green, filled with lovely plants that were flowering and even some with lovely things to eat hanging from them. Enter Penny, the diggingest dog ever. In a few short hours she had fully destroyed all of my hard work. Lily would just find a cool spot in the garden and lay there content to enjoy the shade. So we put up a fence to keep the dogs out. It worked... but also made getting into the garden to work on it difficult. So for the past year, its pretty much sat, unused. I've tried to figure out how best to make it work. Will and I even installed a water supply directly to the garden that is NOT set with the rest in the yard, so I would water it more.Anyway, Rhayn and I took all of the concrete blocks out. Pictured above is the stack of all of the concrete blocks we moved yesterday, there are a few more around the yard that were used to deter Penny's mad digging skills that I will gather up over the next few weeks, you know, before I get much to large to move them. We left 3 that we can not remove (below you can see the tallest green fence post that is anchoring those 3 final blocks in). After that we began taking out the rebar that I had used to secure them. We worked for about 2 hours and I was reminded how grown up Rhayn is. She is a great helper. This week I want to finish getting the garden ready for planting a spring garden. I plan to use this website's recommendations for what to plant, and it says to start mid-February. I would love to have some herbs to use this spring, fresh basil, cilantro, mint, and some lovely flowers just to look at.

Now, on to my gratitude for this week!

  • 33 weeks, 7ish to go. I still have energy and desire to get things done. This is extremely helpful at this point. Here is to having those full 7 weeks (and maybe more, how cool would an April birth be?) until this little joins our family! Also, this little one still doesn't have a name. We have some ideas, but since we don't know if its a wee girl or boy... we haven't named him/her.
  • cool temperatures and rainy days. Sure this is putting a damper on my gardening this weekk, but I love the clouds.
  • quiet days at home. Gwennie can play by herself for hours. It. Is. Awesome. I know that these kinds of days are going to be a thing of the past soon. Gwennie will probably get clingy when babykins comes. Plus our life will change so much.
  • barbecues with friends. Will mastered a smoked barbecue chicken this weekend. It was so good, though a little spicy for the kids.


Amie said...

You did all this 7 months pregnant?!?! wowza

BrieP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BrieP said...

I am so excited for you little baby to get here!

BrieP said...

I am so excited for you little baby to get here!

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