Weekly Gratitude

Since this is the second week that my Monday Gratitude post is being written on a Tuesday, I am changing it to Weekly Gratitude instead. I think as long as I make myself take the time to think of those things I am grateful for it doesn't matter what day I do it on.

This week I am grateful for
  • the 31st week of pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Gwennie during this time we went on a vacation. I am quite glad we aren't doing that. I am having a hard enough time sleeping at home. My hips ache at night. Last night I kept having Braxton Hicks contractions that would go away when I went pee. There was one or two that made me fear the real thing. My labor with Gwennie was short and painful. I hope this one is less painful even if its longer, but when I was 14 weeks my cervix was already shorter than average. This little babykins will probably pop right out.
  • beautiful weather. Seriously I wish I was sitting outside right now. Its in the low 70s. The sun is shining.
  • planning the next cook-a-thon. I love them. Its so much fun and tiring at the same time. We are breaking it up into 2 days because 2 of us are pregnant and one has an infant. We are planning on doing 6 dishes, 5 are chicken. Oh, and that will happen next Monday (which means that next week I wouldn't have done Monday gratitude on Monday either.)
  • hanging out with my sister. I am so lucky. She is an awesome person and I love her so much. I do wish we lived closer to each other.
  • sheep. I love it when the farmers/ranchers bring them down for the winter. They show up in fields along the highway. (That is what the above picture is.) Something about seeing them reminds me of being young.

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