My sister, Dacheese (Brie) was taking my sil SLA to get a pedicure before she was induced last night. She invited me along, then she and my mom offered to pay for it as a late birthday present. Who would turn that down? The place we went had the largest collection of designs you could get on your fingers or toes that I had ever seen. So many cool designs.
I chose a nice Christmas-y argyle design. Love it. SLA chose a swirly one that was rather like a peppermint candy. I love this sparkly green. (Also, its really hard to get a clear picture of my toes.) Also I don't care for feet that are over 2 years old. ( I do love baby feet!)


Amie said...

*gasp!* I love it! You know, I've never actually had an official pedicure. My toes are funky and my nails are little. And...someone touching my feet? weird. But your toes almost make me wanna change my mind... lovely dahling.

BrieP said...

Melly is sitting on my lap while I was reading this and she kept pointing saying "Pretty toes!!!!"

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