Gratitude Monday

This week I am thankful for
  • being 26 weeks along now. (Is that right? Wow... time is flying! and also sorry that picture is rather silly looking.) According to my countdown I am at 99 days to my due date... double digits to baby I know baby could be up to 2 weeks late, which would be rather cool, and I have to admit I sort of hope it happens since then baby will be born in April, and even possibly on April 5th, which is my grandma's 90th birthday. How awesomely cool would that be? Is there a way to make the baby stay in that long? I doubt it and I also know that right around then I will be siiiiiicccckkk of being pregnant and ready for the birth.
  • an outpouring of love and support and basically some smacks upside the head because of my failure post the other day.
  • having our house back to ourselves again.
  • candy cane joe-joes. Mmmmm.
  • not feeling sick, although there is a cold in our house... again. Rhayn seems to be under the weather and what I thought was her coughing from the last cold seems to be a whole new one. She sounds miserable.
  • 3 1/2 more days of school before the winter break, plus we have a full week off before Christmas to bake and have fun together. (Hopefully my stress level drops off a little since I did get a little shopping done today. It was very little.)
  • the ability to eat curry again. Although a food that is still grossing me out, that I normally love is bean burritos. Seriously, we usually eat those pretty often, but the thought of them... gag.


Cornfed Princess said...

You are the 2nd post about candy cane Joe Joe's - I am DYING for them! I'm driving 2 hours on Tuesday for cheap wine and a crap load of those yummy cookies. P.S. I love your tummy. :)

Amanda said...

I have almost had my fill of Joe Joes. *Almost*. You need to come over and play soon. Lets make it happen.

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