Concerts, thumping music and fog

In most places, fog is a normal part of the weather. Here, it is newsworthy. This morning we awoke to a fairly foggy world. I know it can be thicker. This picture was taken around 9am, the fog is lifting. It was really thick earlier and you could barely see that house just across the dirt lot. Last night was Rhayn's winter concert. Her class sang "Oh Tannenbaum" and some Russian folk song called "Minka". Then they got out their violins and played two songs. I thought they did a great job on the violin.
After the concert, we went out to eat with my parents (to IHOP) which has sort of become a tradition after her winter concert. Its always nice to spend some time with my parents.

When we got home it was nearly 9pm. The rodeo across the main street from our house was bumping. The rodeo has been here longer than we have, and its always been courteous, shutting down at the latest 10pm on the weekends. Last week, while Will's dad was here, (and I am pretty sure it was a Thursday night, too) there was some sort of a drunken mariachi band playing at 4am until around 5 or so, and then again at 6 and 7. It was loud and laying in my bed upstairs I could feel the drums. I was pissed, to say the least. I was also already grumpy and that added to my misery. Last night I fell asleep fine, but at 12:45 woke up to pee (as every pregnant woman does multiple times a night) and could feel the bumping, thumping bass coming from the rodeo.

At 1:20 I came downstairs where I thought it might not be as loud. Ha. It was just a tad bit quieter but still enough to keep me awake. Will wasn't happy about it either. He has a nasty cold and is having a hard enough time sleeping because of the coughing. The music did stop at 1:30am, but it was a frickin' Thursday night. Our kids are out of school, but it shouldn't matter. I have some perverse hope that the rodeo is having some last hurrahs before it shuts down for good. I really haven't minded it, except when I have a migraine, but this just makes me angry. And I am already a pretty grumpy preggo.
This last picture is a zoom of the lights in the rodeo's parking lot. Those lights are bright and shine right in my bedroom window. Another thing I would not miss at all if the rodeo were to close down.

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Amie said...

yikes I Hope the rodeo is almost done! Very inconsiderate of the neighborhood!

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