Gratitude Monday

This very last week of 2010 I am grateful for

~being 28 weeks. Hello 3rd and final trimester. Also this starts the every other week midwife visits, before long there will be a new little one to love and I will no longer get to see my midwife. I hate that part. She is an amazing person and makes me laugh every single time I see her.

~knowing that this baby is in fact breech. I can't say I am grateful for that, but I am thankful that I knew it and was right. There is a sweet little head to pat pushing up into my right ribs. (What a stinker, just like Gwennie.)

~hilarious pregnancy dreams. Last night I took the baby out to show everyone that it is in fact a boy (no, we didn't find out) and was trying to tell everyone around the name I had chosen. It was silly.

~food. Seriously I am starting to get cravings. Today it was a blue cheese crumble salad (from Paradise Cafe, but I made one at home) and hot wings (also made at home using chicken strips.) I am sure I will regret eating the Frank's Red Hot later, but right now? It. Is. So. Good.

~getting together with my entire family on Christmas Day. We haven't seen my brother, Ender, in a while. It was great to see him and his wife. It was the first time that he has ever seen me pregnant. (1st time he was on his mission, 2nd time he was deployed I think.)

~cooler weather. Sure it was in the 70s on Christmas Day, but this week we are looking at mid to low 60s and maybe even the 50s.

I am not grateful for this cold, but I am getting a kick out of the ill pets. Mean Kitty can barely meow. Lily looks so pathetic, too. My head is still stuffed up, my sinus on the left side seems to be blocked (although the spicy hot wing sauce has helped a little!) But the worst part is the lack of energy that seems to be the hallmark of this virus. I feel drained after just a little exertion. Driving to my midwife's house and a quick trip into the grocery store was all that I have energy for right now. I am in desperate need of a nap.


Amie said...

You look great. Getting closer! (get rid of that cold, will ya?)

Mo said...

You look so beautiful Leaner! Gave me a small pang I have to admit. This time 5 years ago we were 3 weeks away from meeting Emily who flew into our lives two weeks early, and extremely quickly! Almost didn't make it to the hospital which made me wish I had had the courage to go for my dream of a home birth after all! Ah well, it all turned out great anyway. Lots of love to you all, and our very best wishes for a happy and fruitful New Year. xx

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