Merry Christmas Eve!

I wanted to write a poem, a fun one, about Christmas eve at our house. But I can barely string words together. Once again I am sick. The past few nights have been awful, my throat hurts so much.But my being sick doesn't stop Christmas from coming. I feel a bit like the Grinch, wishing it wasn't Christmas. I don't feel stressed about tonight, because I am still trying to let go. I know that I can not be perfect, there will be things I forget. I thought I had made a list of things I try to do every year, but I never found my list. The one thing we haven't done this year is going to the Mesa LDS Temple to see the lights. It makes me sad, but I doubt it'll happen tonight either. We haven't even driven around to look at lights. I may send Daddy out with the girls tonight, unless I am feeling better, then maybe I'll go along. There are a few things left to finish up, gifts left to wrap, possible treasure hunts to make. Honestly I really want to lay on the couch, and watch craptacular television and sleep away this nasty headache and sore throat. Instead I have cleaned my room, and made another batch of caramels this morning. I used the wrong kind of paper to wrap them and they stuck to it, so I had to throw out the first batch. This batch tastes just as good, and hopefully will not stick to the plastic wrap.

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Amie said...

sorry you're sick! That sucks! You're doing great with what you got...the kids won't know that things weren't 100% to your liking. :) Enjoy the weekend!

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