Always, Missing her.

A lifetime ago, I saw my midwife.
A lifetime ago, life was ok, and I had a fun weekend to look forward to.
Then something happened, and our life was changed totally. Yes, all of the humans in my family are fine. No human was hurt physically. But emotionally we were all ripped to shreds. No, I will not go into details, lets just say, it was scary, and never before have I wished Will was home more.
I had to make a tough decision. I had to make a choice that killed me inside.
I had to pray. I had to find strength in me that I never knew that I had. I had to make calls and be someone I never thought I could be.

And in the end, Penny had to be surrendered. She could no longer be our dog.
And in the end, even though I know it was the right choice, I died inside a little.
And in the end, and forever more, her eyes will haunt me.


BrieP said...

i know how you feel I had to do a the same thing with snow kitty. i still cry over it sometimes but it was the best for everyone in our family. It doesnt help when you are pregnant either. :-( I love you. you did the right things.

Mo said...

I so understand where you are but as agonizing as it was, you did the right thing. The only thing you could have done. Big hugs and love. x

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