ACUs and Airplanes

He dons the uniform and walks downstairs. It seems so normal, even though it has been many months since we've seen him decked out in ACUs. He looks good in uniform, better in his ACUs than the BDUs (though he looked nice in those, too.) But it makes me fearful. I know when his uniform is on, he is on, he is LT, and usually gone.

He stands in the living room, and tells me that it feels good to be in this uniform again. I know he has missed it. I am glad he loves it, even if it takes him away from us. The military has been good for our family, it gives me an appreciation for him that I don't know if I would have otherwise. It fulfills a part of him that needed to be taken care of. It gives up affordable health insurance, and a pride in our country and so much more.

His boots are on, and for a moment we sit together on the couch. Rhayn is at school, but Gwennie, Will and I sit there, just touching for now. Soon we will be dropping him off at the airport, soon he will be gone for a week. Its hardest on the girls, harder than it is on me, because I understand.

In the car, trying to keep tears in. Its only a week I remind myself. Only a week. Only a week. It repeats in my head, but I still feel the tears, just waiting.

At the airport, he kisses me, then hugs Gwennie. He grabs his bags and walks away. Sunglasses hide those tears, finally breaking free. I can stop them, but for the moment its all right to cry.

And in a week, we will pick him back up at the airport. Thankful, once again, for him to be home.

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Amie said...

thank heavens it's only a week!! May it be swift!

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