"How are you feeling/doing?"

A daily question in my world. So let me answer that.

I feel... better.
Some days I even feel (dare I say it) good. Other days, not so much. I felt pretty good this morning, but right now? I feel pretty awful. I need to eat, again. I am tired of eating because I have to, and not because food sounds good.

I am only puking about once a day now, down from at least 3 times. Its been at night, before or after dinner. I have been getting more done, but I still spend far too much time online. I miss having energy to accomplish goals. I know it is returning, but its slow going and by afternoon I am usually spent.

I have a little swell, usually from bloating, by mid afternoon. It cracks me up because in the morning I do not look at all pregnant, but at night I do. (This happened with Gwennie, too.)

My breasts are still sore. I don't remember them hurting at all with my previous pregnancies. I wonder if its because they remember the massive amount of milk Gwennie required from birth on. (She was a pig for Gup.)

I forgot how VIVID pregnancy dreams are! So far I have dreamed that both of our dogs were killed, in the one where Lily died, her ghost kept following me around. I often dream about the birth, although it hasn't yet reached a point of panic that I remember from Gwennie. (I had many dreams that the midwife wasn't there and I birthed alone. I do not like to be alone during labor and birth. I like to be surrounded by people, seriously the more the better, too bad they all have to see me naked and listen to me being loud.)

I know that soon these symptoms will be replaced by a return of energy and a vigor for life. Also, its going to start being nice enough in the mornings that maybe Gwennie and I can start making it to the zoo after we drop Rhayn off at school. That would be good for us and I love mornings at the zoo! I think today's cloudy weather is reminding me of good things, like fall and cooler temperatures. Even though I know we are still in for another month or so of HOT it will eventually cool off.

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Amanda said...

So. How are you feeling these days?

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