Thursday Morning

Gwennie and I went to talk to our friend A at Rhayn's school this morning. Gwennie was feeling fancy so she wore this dress.
Our friend A allowed Gwennie to hold a chicken.What is she looking at whilst holding up her skirt like that? A toad in the straw!

We came home to this on the carpet. One of Gwennie's two favorite stuffed animals' face had been chewed to bits by a certain dog. There is no way to fix him, either. The eyes are the most important part of the "freaky kitty" and Penny destroyed Peanut Butter's. It was trauma to the extreme, but a quick phone call to our friend who works at a toy store meant that there would be a replacement before the day was over.

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Mo said...

We have had toads too after all the rain! So sad about the stuffed toy but so happy you were able to replace him. Mollee one of my dogs chewed up my teddy bear from when I was a child the summer I moved out to the States. I was really sad because he was so old and irreplacable. How attached we get to things.

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