Gratitude Monday

I am thankful for

  • 8 weeks in, 32ish to go.
  • summer rain storms and the cooler weather that comes with them. (Picture above of the girls playing in the rain that came down fast and hard and even lasted for more than five minutes!)
  • better days. I actually had a day that I didn't puke once. (I did gag, but nothing came up.) I even had some energy that day. I was able to attend a friend's baby shower.
  • my kids coming home. Friday my dad took the girls home with him to spend the weekend with them. By Friday evening both Will and I were lamenting on how much we missed the girls. By Sunday, when my mom returned them, I was so glad to see them! (Even if they both had crying fits, and needed sleep.)
  • phone calls from my sweet girls, just to say good night. Actually what Gwennie said was "I wish you good luck and I love you." So cute. The girls sound so much younger on the phone than they in person. (I didn't recognize them, sadly.)
  • Hilarious blogs* that make me laugh all. day. long.
  • I am NOT thankful for cat puke... for hearing gagging cats in the night and stepping in hairballs in the morning. Yuck.
*If you've never visited Rants from Mommyland, please do. In fact, read this post. I laughed so hard I cried, seriously.


BrieP said...

cat puke... that is horrible. I stepped in some in the middle of the night a couple nights ago... YUCK!!!

Madders had fun with gwennie this weekend!

Maggie May said...

congrats on your baby! i'm 24 weeks :)

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