Potato Perfumed Penny

Why is this dog such a pain in the hind end? Yesterday we were gone for a little over an hour, so I left the dogs, free-range, in the house. Penny chewed the eyes off of a stuffed horse of Gwennie's (trauma, but at least it wasn't Pickle or Peanut Butter or Schnauzer which are her favorites.) She also pulled the hat band and inside band off of Gwennie's cowboy hat that she had gotten for her birthday a few years ago. Luckily its fixable, because she's been wearing that hat a lot lately.

Today the dogs were outside while I was on the phone making appointments to have the car serviced and calling to see about renting a violin for a certain soon-to-be fourth grader. When Lily asked nicely to come in (this involves her NOT jumping full force at the sliding-glass door and only a little whimpering noise, not a full-blown whining). I let them in. Penny comes in, covered in smell and green goo. Nasty. This picture does not do her grossness justice, you can't see the neon green snot-like goo that was on her. Nor can you smell her.

You may wonder what she got into and if this is the first time she has done this. Well the answers are aloe vera and no. She often digs out the middle of our patch of aloe and I think it smells much like cafeteria mashed potatoes and gravy. You know the kind, rather like KFC's (gag) instant potatoes.

She may have been telling me that she needed a bath, if not, well she got one anyway.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

what a naughty girl! It must be so hard to stay mad at her with that huuuge smile!

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