Gratitude Mondays

Today I am thankful for the sun and the great things that come along with her, such as summer swim lessons. Gwennie had her first (of this summer) swim lesson today. Rhayn's been going for 2 weeks. Gwennie worried and fussed over the lesson. All weekend she worried about it. She sat in the corner of the pool whimpering about how she needed goggles and she didn't like to be in the pool and also? She was NOT going to do "bobs". Luckily for us all Will had today off and was able to come along. Gwennie didn't want to disappoint her dad, so she was really good in her swim lesson. She earned a pair of goggles which we went to Target to purchase.After that we went to one of the city's nicest pool and spent a few hours playing in the water. Will worked with Rhayn on her swimming, and she really had a great time swimming laps. Gwennie actually let her face get wet in the splash part. If you know Gwennie but at all, you now she doesn't like getting her face wet. (Not in the shower, not in the pool, not at all.)
I sat on the edge of the zero entry part and got some sun. Which leads me to another thing I am thankful for, vitamin D's fantastic healing ability. Yesterday I felt a little sad and grumpy, after some time in the sun I feel great, albeit exhausted. What a nice day.

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