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Summer is flying by. I have yet to don my bathing suit, too. Rhayn is in week 2 of swim lessons, Gwennie starts hers next week.

My plan to homeschool this summer is going... so-so. Rhayn hates it. I make her do a few pages of homework every day but its hard for her. She fights me and gives up easily. I have been making her do jumping jacks when she starts to give up. I feel mean but if this is how she acts in class I feel badly for Mr. T, her teacher. (She says she keeps trying at school and doesn't give up as easily. I want to believe her.) Gwennie has zipped through numbers and is actually remembering some of them. She has been making numbers with clothespins which is pretty cute. She also points out number when she sees them, "Look Mommy! A two!"

I have been reading voraciously, but its only because I found an easy to read series by the author of the Sookie Stackhouse series. I can not seem to put them down until the book is done. I am 1/2 way through the 4th book (I think its the last in the series, too.) Then I need to find more books. She has an additional series all with Shakespeare in the title, I think that will be next.

There isn't much going on in our life. We're attempting to plan a vacation but it seems to keep getting put off. I want to see my Aunt LVH while she is down (visiting from Alaska!) so hopefully we'll get to this week.

I'm struggling to get used to typing on the laptop keyboard (I have to reread my posts to check for mistakes more than I used to). Its unpleasant, I like the ergonomical keyboards so much better. The part of my plan to make the computer undesirable to be on has helped. I also love being able to turn. it. off. I got a lot more done yesterday because it was off. When I finish this post I will turn it off, too.


Steve Finnell said...

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hairball said...

Are we Eclipsing tonite or tomorrow???????

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