Spelling and Reading

I don't know if I have ever mentioned it on here, but Rhayn has had a difficult time learning to read. She doesn't always hear words correctly. (An example is the word "because". It has taken years of us saying "BEcause" so she won't say "ecause" she just didn't hear the "B".) She loves making lists though (a girl after my own heart!) And these pictures are of two that I found recently. The above is hanging on the mirror in her bathroom, the other was in my bathroom on the counter. I think the below list was made for Gwennie, or possibly it was the first one she made.

At school she is in a special reading class. They are taken out of their regular class twice a week and given more time to practice reading. She loves her reading instructor. I mean LOVES her. Ms. S is the only teacher that Rhayn gave a Christmas gift to.

Will and I are both fascinated by the process of her learning to read. She is showing us things that we never think about. A few days ago Will was reading with her and they came across the word "daughter" and he was explaining to her that "gh" makes a hard "H" sound. But when you say the word "daughter" its like the word "water" and there isn't an "H" sound in it. (Also the word "eight" is lacking that "H" sound.) Rhayn pointed that out.

On the paper below she has the word "ghresed" this should be the word "dressed" but said out loud and one doesn't always say a hard "D" sound at the beginning, its more of a soft "J" sound.

We have had to learn to speak more clearly in order to help her spell. A few words that I have had to really think about before I say are "interesting*", "February" and "library". There are so many words that do not at all sound like they are spelled.

She also has a real issue with "d" and "b" which causes her grief. In the top list she had "Go beun staers" with means "go down stairs". I need to draw a picture of Mr. db and put it up somewhere that she will see it often. This seems to be the best way for her to memorize things. We have a list of words that she looks at while she eats breakfast (berefsc). Gwennie also had a paper she looks at (It says "GWEN" on it.)

Reading came so easily to me, that its difficult to understand how hard it really is for her. But I am trying and I am trying to be patient with her. But this lack of patience is why Will is working with her on her reading skills.

*Interesting has become a pet peeve word of mine, along with ignorant and associates. I hate when people say "inchersting" and "ignert" and "ah soh sh its" (its "ah soh see ats" people.) There are others, but those are the three that are on my personal hate list at the moment.


Amanda said...

words trip me out. I have had trouble with spelling for most of my life. Its usually little things (one 'l' or two), sometimes its because I actually say the word wrong pellow vs pillow. I try to enunciate my speech, if only because it bothers me to say words sloppy. Mountain, not Mount'n. Other words that I wish just didn't exists... Colonel (at least as it is currently spelled) and rural (because I look like a fool trying to say it). Ah, words. They just get in the way of communication, but I keep trying to use so many of them anyway.

Amie said...

The english language really is a tough one to master. It doesn't make sense in so many aspects! My Cameron (almost 8) is a horrid speller too, but I think his prob is more the fact that he rushes, doesn't take his time, and ends up doing sloppy work. But he was in speech for years for bad articulation, and still does not pronounce many words right, which means in turn he doesn't spell them right either. Reading helps, and he does do a LOT of reading. Keep it up!

bodaat said...

i took a linguistics class in college and it was an eye opener in to how and why the english language can be so hard to master! and it includes all of the reasons that you wrote about in your post.

Mo said...

I didn't learn to read and write until I was at least 7 or 8. I simply didn't want to. I remember my Mum asking my why I didn't want to, and asking me how I would manage once I was grown up. I replied that I wasn't interested and that she would read and write for me when I was grown up! Then all of a sudden I became interested, and it all came together. I have been an avid reader since then and writing has always been a strong subject for me too. So interesting how we all learn at different speeds and in different ways. How great that Rhayn's school supports that.

Anonymous said...

English is a tricky, tricky language to master (ok, it's even tricky to amatuer in, lol). The powers that be must have wanted to see us squirm! :-P
I think she's doing great :-)

Anonymous said...

Came across your blog and couldn't help notice these photos.... my 6 year old writes the same. She is in first grade and her school encourages the kids to sound words out and write them the way they think they should be spelled. I'm not really sure if their philosophy is that it will eventually help them become better readers, writers & spellers, but it seems to work across the board for kids at all reading levels. She spells the word drank as "jrank". She pronounces the word wrong, so she spells it wrong. Whenever she comes across a word in her reading spelled correctly she has an "ohhhh" moment. I wouldn't worry too much. I think that's how all kids are when they learn how to read & write. And it comes at a different time for everybody. :)

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