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It seems to me that every night is filled with baby dreams, dreams of twins, mostly baby boys. The other night I dreamed that I was giving birth and out popped a husky's head. The doctor kept saying "Well at least its a boy, you wanted a boy, right?"

In the past these sorts of dreams only haunted me whilst actually pregnant. So why are they here now? I am 10 days into a new cycle, set to ovulate some time this weekend or early next week. Perfect timing as my parents are taking the girls for the weekend to see the snow in Show Low, AZ. (I would love to go there, too.)

For this weekend we are planning an earlyish morning hike on Saturday or Sunday with our pooches. I am hoping we'll go see a movie and out to eat at least once. You see we need to get out of our house or we spend the time looking at the back of one or the other's head (while they are on the computer.) All I know is that I am looking forward to some quality time with Will.

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Everyday Mom Designs said...

Hope you had a great time with Will.. I'm sure you guys need it.. I know we do!

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