A Vow: Squat

Here we are again, my 'roids are a-buggin' me. So I was searching the internet for information on them. Come on, you know that if you were plagued by them you would to. (Plus I was on hold while attempting to order a replacement part for a ceiling fan.)

I found this insightful information in Wikipedia's Hemorrhoid entry.

"Based on their very low incidence in the underdeveloped world, where most people squat for bodily functions, hemorrhoids have been attributed to the use of the "sitting" toilet. Dr. Berko Sikirov published a study in 1987 testing this hypothesis by having hemorrhoid sufferers convert to squat toilets. Eighteen of the 20 patients were completely relieved of their symptoms (pain and bleeding) with no recurrence, even 30 months after completion of the study. This chart summarizes the results. This study was undertaken in a very small number of people, when compared to the numbers involved in recognized high-quality trials. Therefore, the results, while highly suggestive, cannot be assumed to provide a firm conclusion.

No follow-up studies have ever been published. The American Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons is silent regarding the therapeutic value of squatting."

Now you may ask, what is a squat toilet? Look here (Wikepedia's Squat Toilet entry.)

It does make you wonder, doesn't it? I tend to think that they come from a variety of factors, including a crappy American diet. I just called the gastroenterologist that did my colonoscopy a few weeks ago (was that really 3 weeks ago?) He is out of town on vacation. I would just like a day to go by that does not involve me itching and using hemorrhoid cream (which doesn't seem to help anyway.) I thought that the high fiber diet would help, and yes my poop is different, and after the initial increase in gas, I am feeling better. I am still just uncomfortable. Maybe I need a 'roid donut to sit on? Maybe I need to exercise more? Maybe I need them surgically removed? Maybe.... maybe... maybe. All I know is that this? Its not cool and I am done with it.


amy said...

do you know what Kegels are? We sometimes tell postpartum mamas with rockin' 'roids to do knee chest kegels. (aka chin on floor, butt in air kegels).
They help when mine get bad. Also, homeopathic hammamelis, and herbal remedies for general varicosities seem to help. ouch. sorry.

Melissa said...

we have stools next to our toilets to prop our feet on when we're ... doing our business. Like the article said, it's just not natural to sit on a standard toilet - so I can't imagine it does anything good for our bodies. I can imagine it puts a lot of undo stress and pressure on things, causing all sorts of problems. I read somewhere a while ago that it may be a contributing factor in colon cancer, *shrug*. I don't know. All I do know is a stool to prop up the feet feels like a more natural position to be in while doing such things, lol, and it's comfy!
Sorry you're in such discomfort! Hope you find a solution that will work for you.

bodaat said...

i love that you just talked about poop on your blog. :) you're my kinda girl!

the squating toilet is quite common in India although I don't like them. I always like I'm going to fall in on accident. I also don't like all that breeze on my bare bum...it's just wierd. BUT, if i had 'roids and a squating toilet would help, i'd do it.

hope you feel better!

Amie said...


and that's all I'm gonna say about that. :)

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