A Vow: The Scope of Things

Thursday morning was just like any other morning, make the girls breakfast, make Rhayn a lunch, get dressed. Only after we dropped her off, I would be headed over to the Endoscopy Clinic to be given conscious sedation while a long tube was sent up my backside to check out my innards and I hadn't been able to eat for over 24 hours and I hadn't had a drink since midnight.

I packed Gwennie some things to munch on and toys because Will was planning on sticking around the clinic whilst I was indisposed. I was scheduled to be taken back at 9:30, and we got there with plenty of time to spare.

We sat and listened to a crazy man talking about the UFOs and space, as well as time, travel. He went on and on at a decibel that meant we should listen to him. He said he planned to build a spacecraft that would go "about a million miles an hour, just a simple one." It was quite entertaining. He also mentioned how he had been about five thousand years in the future and about two thousand years in the past, but it wasn't like he planned it.

I was finally called back, and kissed Will on my way back. I was led to a room full of beds with curtains around them. I was shown to my bed, given a robe, and told I only needed to undress from the waist down. I did so, then lay on the bed, with a blanket over me and Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris in my hands. (I read very little, because I was listening to the person to my left talking about how she used to do heroin.)

After a few minutes a nurse came over, she asked me a bunch of questions, including "Are you pregnant, or do you think you might be?" I knew, because I am in tune with my body, that I was due to ovulate right around then. She took my temperature which was slightly elevated (indicative of ovulation.) I was told another nurse would be over in a few moments to put in my IV. This is when I started shaking. I do not like IVs, they scare me, they hurt. This kind old black nurse came over, and joked with me, while she had me take deep breaths. She commented on my "tiny little veins" and blew out the first time she tried. Then blew out the second one, and that one really hurt (still does.) She said her limit was two tries and she called over another nurse who got it to work immediately (with less pain.) Another nurse came over, to wheel me back to the room, and to give me my drugs.

We got to the room, it looked like an ultrasound room. There was soft music playing in the back ground. The doctor came over and asked out my day had been the day before, had everything come out alright? Yes I said. Then I hear him mutter something about two different kinds of medication and I didn't see him again. The nurse put something into the IV and it hurt just a little. I concentrated on figuring out what the music was, and the next thing I knew, I was in the recovery area, and was being asked if I would like some juice, or water, as they nurse pressed on my abdomen. I chose orange juice. Then I was told I could put my pants back on. (Which I did clumsily while trying not to fall over.) I vaguely recall sipping orange juice, and falling back into a dream land.

Some more time must have gone by, and I was helped over to a recliner, where I could barely sit up. The kindly black nurse asked me if my ride was outside or did we need to call them. I told her he should be there and to check, but we might need to call him. I dozed some more, and another nurse came over to sign my release papers. She said my ride was outside "and the baby is asleep." (It wasn't until later I realized she meant Gwennie was asleep, she isn't really a baby in my eyes anymore.)

I stumbled to the waiting room, and once again its a blur, and I was in the truck sitting down. Will asked me if I wanted to get a milkshake, since I hadn't eaten in a while. I must have said yes, because we were in the Jack-in-the-Box drive through and I had a vanilla milkshake in my hands. He took me home. I put on Harry Potter. I collapsed on the sectional while he went to get Rhayn and run a few errands.

I slept deeply for a while, until I heard Penny outside whining. I went outside, and couldn't find Lily. I walked to the front of the house and called for her, she came running happily from the neighbor's side yard. I sighed, took her inside, and lay back on the couch and fell back asleep.

The phone rang some time later, and I told Will that I was fine, and how Lily had gotten out. Then hung up the phone, sipped my milkshake, thought about getting up to make a baked potato before I fell back to sleep.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in the dream-like state, even after they got home. I still feel a little out of it, and am really tempted to lay back on the sectional and rest some more (to another Harry Potter movie.)


Everyday Mom Designs said...

I hope you feel "normal" again soon.. :)

Amie said...

Well...it sounds like it was pain-free at least? Bizarre neighbors--first the UFO guy then the heroin addict? Poor thing, doesn't sound like fun. :(

leaner said...

The UFO guy and heroin girl were chatting it up in the waiting room. I tend to think they knew each other.

leaner said...

Oh, it was pain free aside from the IV, that hurt like a son-of-a-shut your mouth.

BrieP said...

My mother-in-law told me about the line of beds. Lots of farting going on.

leaner said...

I'm sure if I hadn't been so out of it the amount of farting would have cracked me up. :)

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