LT McHotty on the Roof, yo.

Quiet ladies, he's all mine.

Will has been talking about how when he got home, he needed to fix out patio cover. You see, he had built it a few years ago with help from my dad and brother. He hadn't used the right materials and so it started to leak, and warp and generally look like crap. My dad had repaired it for me a few months ago, when the leaking got very bad.

He first tore off all of the drywall ceiling, and then the roll roofing that he (and my dad) used. Luckily for us all, bulk trash pick-up happened to fall last week, and we were able to stack a huge pile outside on our sidewalk for them to come pick-up. We do live fairly close to a dump, and we could have taken it in, you get a free load on Saturdays with your utility bill and a current license. However it was so much nicer for him to just put it outside and let them come get it. We will still have at least one load to take to the dump.

I plan to use some of the plywood he is removing to build a play house for the girls. I want an open one, similar the one below, only not made from telegraph poles, that the dogs can also use to keep out of the sun. We'll see if it comes to fruition. It shouldn't be difficult, especially if I can get Will to make the cuts (I have a fear of table saws. I am quite handy until it comes to those moving blades then I balk.) It also shouldn't cost very much, since we have most everything we need.

I love the sound of him working, the whirring of the drill, the banging. It all reminds me that he is home and that is the best part of it all.

Pile of the wrong thickness of plywood. Hoping to recycle into the girls' playhouse.

You can see how he's torn off the ceiling and roofing. Its amazing how much light the patio cover actually blocked from our downstairs living space. The sun just shines right into the back side of the house now, since this is the west facing portion of our house. You can also see how much he has already taken off, Since I took this picture about a half hour ago, he has removed even more.

Looking up at him through the beams while he works. Very nice.


Mo said...

Aren't handy hubbys great!

hairball said...

If you don't end up using that wood, let me know. I can always make "christmas" art out of it. :)

leaner said...

Mo, they really are. And there is nothing I like more than watching him do work around the house, especially the dishes.

Amie said...

what a great patio you have! Nice to have a handyman around, yes? :) That playhouse looks awesome...I hope you're able to duplicate it!

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