Update on our day.

This morning marked the beginning of our new, old normal. Will went back to work. We all wished he could have had at least another week off, but he made the decision thinking that nearly three weeks was enough. Alas, it whipped by at breakneck speed and left us wanting more.

During his time off, he grew in a bit of a beard. It was rugged and really attractive on him. But he shaved it off for work. I was sad about that.

Gwennie and I missed him all day. We liked him home, we liked having him around to talk to.

I am waiting now for him to get home, so we can find out how his day went. This is a whole new chapter of our lives, and we can only hope it is a good one. (I am sure it will be.)

I am really tired right now. I did a lot today. First I took Rhayn to school. This was followed by coming home and digging up a part of the drip line (for the second time) because it was really wet there. I needed to assess what was going on. It seems that the last time I dug it up, I cut one of the drip lines that came off of the main line. Luckily it was one that didn't need to be there, as it goes to what was once a Texas sage and is now and ocotillo. Ocotillos do not like regular water, and will die if watered like the other plants on the drip line like to be.

I didn't finish it. I turned on the drip line to let it run and see what was going on. Then I went inside to eat a slice of pizza. Not ten minutes later, Gwennie says "Mommy, Penny is ALL muddy." I knew exactly what had happened. There was a lot of nice mud in the hole I hadn't filled in. She had helped herself to some digging time. She was covered in very moist mud. No, it was wet, wet mud. Yuck.

She was dragged upstairs, leaving some muddy paw prints on the stairs, and thrown into the shower. I rinsed her off but didn't wash her because of the itchies she has. After that I went out and buried the mud.

Gwennie had a playdate at ten, but we were late to that. Then we were late to my first writing class, (more about that another time.) Finally I was late picking up Rhayn. When we got home, Penny had crapped in her crate, and was standing up against the side trying not to get in it. So I had to take her crate pad out and wash it. Which reminds me its in the washer and needs to go in the dryer now.

Its a good night to have leftovers, because we have a lot of them. Multiple days worth of food. We have some tamales from this weekend, Will and I made them for the first time. They are a little dry, but pretty good for our first attempt. I made a meatloaf on Monday, it wasn't that good (its turkey) but the girls seemed to like it. We also have Pizza Hut pizza from last night, we had friends over and they ordered pizza. I have some very tasty veggie supreme pizza in there, that I mentioned eating a slice of before. But for now? I am going to sit down and rest for a bit. I need to stay awake but my body wants to doze very badly.

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Everyday Mom Designs said...

Sounds like you've been quite busy!!!

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