Walking Down a Dusty Memory Lane

Today feels like its going to be a rough one. Its not even ten in the morning and already I am yelling at the kids. Admittedly, I stayed up too late last night going down memory lane while trying to whittle down boxes of mementos that filled part of my closet. Admittedly I did so whilst drinking (therefore making it easier to let go of some of the junk.) I didn't actually get into bed until nearly eleven.

Then there was the puppy wake up call at five thirty. I let her out, then let Lily out, then let Nelly back in the house (because she is still recovering from surgery) and lay supine on the couch, hoping that Mean Kitty would come purr on my chest. She indulged me and I dozed easily with her white noise filling my ears. Until seven, when Gwennie traipsed downstairs to wake me up.

My head is stuffy from all of the dust contained in those boxes. There were nine boxes total, nine boxes of journals, t-shirts, magazines, cassette tapes, 7-inch vinyl records and pictures. I managed to move things around and get rid of enough stuff that now there are only five boxes. The contents of those are as follows:
  1. old magazines, I can't seem to get rid of (also a pair of monkey boots that I have held onto for 14 years. The tread is nearly gone, and they have been glued back together more than once and are therefore NOT watertight. Why do I keep them?)
  2. half filled notebooks of my thoughts. Dating form 1996 to 2002 or 3. (I had a lot of thoughts during that time period.)
  3. band t-shirts and a hoody.
  4. a few old bottles and breakables
  5. sketch pads and pictures.
Hopefully I will feel better once we get out of the house.

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Mo said...

I have those as well, boxes of stuff cluttering up my closet that I can't seem to get rid of though it does nothing but bring back not such good memories. These mostly contain letters, cards, and photos, and although I have gone through them before and whittled them down, several still remain. I need to clear it all out once and for all because it is such sentimental nonsense right? yeah, right!

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