Through Gwennie's Lens

This morning I was uploading pictures from one of my cameras. Yes, I have two, a nice one for distance shots, and a pocket sized point and shoot. I noticed some pictures from long ago (May) that I didn't take. Apparently Gwennie had gotten the camera and just started taking pictures. These always crack me up, there are a lot of blurry pictures of things I have no idea what they were meant to be. And many pictures with fingers over the lens. But in there were a few beauties.

Here are the gems.

Gwennie's Self portrait, including part of her friend's face.

Spongebob table still life.

Legs resting on table, self.

From top to bottom, following dog.

Mommy's sunburned belly (and a very bad angle that makes her look about four months along, or maybe its just the weight I have gained this past year, it all clings to that part of me, belly thighs and butt.)

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