No Wonder I am Tired!

Today Gwennie and I have had a nice day with each other (as Rhayn would say.) You see Rhayn had camp and then is staying the night at her friend L's house. We had to drop her off at camp at 9, then went to Costco. It had been probably 2 months since we were there last. Not that much has changed, but we needed batteries and cat litter. Fun stuff, you know.

Then we came home.

Which was followed by hours of me cleaning closets. I have been purging like a maniac lately. It feels good to get rid of the baby stuff. If its not here, for me to see, maybe it will be easy if we never have another baby. I set the majority of it out for pick-up today. I know, I could have sold it on Craig's List, but that would require me putting it up on there, and honestly, I know I won't. Instead of stressing about it, and trying to save those things, I just placed them out on the curb while we were gone and the VVA picked them up. Its easier for me to get rid of things that way.

I have gone through so many boxes and closets and things lately that the dust has been stirred up every day. My eyes are itchy. So itchy in fact that a couple of nights ago my eyes were itchy in. my. dream. Last night I took benadryl in hopes of combating that awful dream. It must have helped because my dreams were not plagued with itchy eyes again.

After the awesome purging and rearranging and general clean up, Gwennie and I went out to eat. We ate at a steak house not too far from my house. It has awesome views of the city. The steak was good and I ate most of it. There was a little left over to bring home to the dogs.

I have been thinking about left overs from restaurants lately. Do you think they would look at me strangely if I started bring tupperware-type containers to my favorite curry house? Instead of getting the Styrofoam to-go boxes? I really want to stop getting those things. Its so much trash, and often for just a small portion. But I digress.

We came home, and I fed our pooches. The small scraps of steak were well received. (Was there any doubt in your minds that they would be?) The weather was ideal for a short walk. I wanted to take both dogs, but without Rhayn to help it wasn't possible. Gwennie wanted to walk Nelly, but as soon as we were out of the front door Nelly was yanking the leash so hard Gwennie was running. We took Nelly back in and only took Lily with us. If Rhayn was home, she can hold Nelly, but she is just a tad bit too strong for Gwennie.

We didn't walk far, but we stopped at the park for about ten minutes on the way home. Gwennie and I took Lily down the slide. I love doing it. If I go first, she doesn't seem to mind at all. We did it three times. The first two she was behind me, the third she managed to get in front and wasn't too keen on that. But she must not hate it too badly, because she climbs the steps to the slide again and again without any fuss.

Now we are home, and I am going to put Gwennie to bed while I watch a movie downstairs. I miss Rhayn, when she is away its always lonely. But Gwennie is good company, too. Hopefully this week my parents will be taking Gwennie for a day, and Rhayn for a few days. It will be nice to have some time with just Rhayn. Its been a long time since she and I did anything, just us. I wonder what she will want to do?


Everyday Mom Designs said...

I love one on one time! :)

Good idea on bringing the tupperware.. I think I would do it!

tif-do said...

I need to make a bigger point to have alone time with my girls. Its so good for them, I just don't think about it very often.

bodaat said...

i think the tupperware is a great idea! i might recommended spraying the plastic tupperware with oil before putting curry in it to avoid staining. just a light spray. i love the idea and i might have to steal it!

HomegrownTexan said...

I've been thinking about the tupperware idea for a while now, but have also wondered if it would be too weird. Not only do I hate the wasteful/unenvironmentally friendli-ness of the styrofoam containers, I hate the way they take up *so* much room in the fridge. And of course they don't really seal all that well.

Amie said...

Honestly as long as your purse was big enough, I don't think anyone would ever notice you bringing tupperware and putting your leftovers into it.

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