Adventures with Lily

This morning, I got up, did a few sun salutations (helps me get going in the morning, although I overdid it yesterday and am sore today.) Then put the dogs out while I went upstairs to get the kids up and ready.

While we were upstairs Lily jumped the fence. Again. I came down to let them in, and only Nelly comes running in. I go outside, and call for Lily. I walk around to the side gate, no Lily. I grab my flip flops and go in the front, calling her the whole time.

No Lily.

I walk back in, grab my keys and tell Rhayn to make her lunch and get some breakfast for them both. Then I open the garage door, leash in hand and start to walk down the street. (Garage door open in case she comes running up she will go in there.) I know she won't run from me. That is one good thing, I guess.

A man is walking down the street.

He says "Do you have a brown and white dog?"
"No, she's more white with little black spots."
"Is she about this big? (gestures with his hands) and probably a pit with a bone tag on her collar?"
"Well I was walking my dogs and I saw he, but couldn't grab her because my dogs would fight her. So I ran home and put them up then came back to see if I could catch her."
Jaw drops. Really? Is this guy my guardian angel for the day? Really.
"What is her name?"
He walks away, yelling "Lily" while I go inside to tell the girls I am running down the road.

I head onto the trail that Will runs her on. No Lily. Instead a darn chihuahua starts following me. I figure his barking will interest Lily if she is close by. Nope. I keep walking. Mumbling obscenities to myself. This is not how I wanted to spend my morning. Not at all.

I make my loop, and head back. I see the girls outside, there is a school bus heading down the street, and that guy is by my house, too. I start running (not easy, remember I put on flip flops?)

"She's down there!" yells the guy.
"I saw your dog running on the trail," says the bus driver as he drives by slowly, "you can probably catch her if you go that way."

I run off down the road while the guy runs down the other side (its a block) so we can head her off. I get to the end, out of breath. Its 93* this morning.

"She's over there," he says pointing over to the trail, "but she wouldn't come to me."
"Come here, Lily," I call her. She runs up to me, panting, and happy looking. I put her leash on. Then turn to the guy, "Thank you."
He says "You are welcome" as he walks off.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

Jeez... not a fun morning, huh?

Mo said...

Oh Leaner, I am sorry. MAJOR stress for you again!

Do you think she is climbing up on something to get over, or is she just a really good jumper?

I have to admit I always keep our dogs inside when we are out at least, and we have a lock on our gate. This is due to an incident a few years ago when our neighbours landscaper inadvertantly let them all out. If it hadn't been for another neighbour I am not sure we would have got them all back again.

I so hope this isn't a regular occurrence for you!

leaner said...

I don't know what to do about it, because she did this WHILE WE WERE HOME. I mean I have been crating her when we go out, and then not leaving for more than 4 hours (Penelope is still a puppy.)

She is a really good jumper, but I think she is jumping on something and then out. No way to know for sure. And I can't risk it, losing her would be something I can not handle. We have a lock on our gate because when we first moved here someone got into our yard and stole a table saw we had back there. Nice, huh?

Mo said...

I know what you mean about not being able to handle losing her. I would be just the same with any or all of our pooches because I love them so!

Pen-nut said...

Thank goodness for the guardian angels that are sent to help us out. Glad you found her, that is a major stress - one of our dogs jumped the fence for the first 6 months in our new house - she wanted to go back to the old house.

bodaat said...

oh silly lilly! i'm not sure what your solution might be. do you have a treadmill? can you try exercise her on that? i've seen ceaser millan do it.

leaner said...

We do have a treadmill (specifically bought for her). I put her on it sometimes, but its been so hot lately and I have to stand out there with her. She hates that thing.

bodaat said...

haha, i don't blame her!!

Amie said...

wow, nice of them to help! what are you going to do to prevent her from jumping the fence again?

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