I am a mess but at least not a "hot mess"

Will's brother and family came down to see him come home. So we went to see them this morning. The thing is that in order to get to where they were, we had to drive a similar route as we would have been taking had we been going to get Will. Only the mood in our car was awful. It took everything in me to keep from crying. I was a mess.

If we had been picking him up, we would have left the house only about fifteen minutes earlier. Every plane I saw in the sky made me think "Well that could be the one the rest of the unit is on..." But I kept this all to myself. I wanted to wail about it, but the girls are sad enough. I kept quiet. I tried to hold the tears in.

I did pretty well, until on the way home, driving a similar path, I started thinking that we get gypped from the cool unit homecoming you see on the evening news. We won't be surrounded by the rest of the units' families all with the same feelings inside. The girls didn't get to see the friends they had made jump into the arms of their dads. And we have to wait, wait, wait while they are all enjoying their families.

Its just not fair.


hairball said...

maybe we should do girl's night again with amanda, jodie and me at your house fri or sat night? what do you think......unless of course you want to do it here. kids go to bed early now :)

Melissa said...

((hugs)) babe.
I'm so sorry you and your girls have to wait. You're right, it isn't fair. It's absolutely sucky. My heart aches for you guys ... I hope the days pass quickly until the time he is back in your arms.

bodaat said...

i can't even imagine. all you can do is keep trucking forward and staying focused on the future...the day that he will be coming home and the day that you'll be taking the same route as yesterday but this time to go get him.

Amie said...

Ugh....that sucks!!!! Praying for you! Do you have a new date yet?

Anonymous said...

i found your blog by looking up national guard. my husband is back in and will be deploying in 2011.

i have children too, i am worried about them. i hope you guys are well and hope that your hsuband returns safely :)


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