Yesterday, in preparation for Will coming home, I paid a friend's house cleaner to come clean my house. She was reasonably priced and did a great job. They cleaned the baseboards which needed a wipe down, but most importantly, they cleaned the refrigerator and oven! They dusted everything. My house has never been this clean. Seriously. It took a group of four women a total of 4 and half hours to clean my house, top to bottom, not including Will's office and our guest (ahem, storage) room.

The thing is, that they used some noxious chemicals to do it. I knew I could ask them to use the stuff we use around the house, which consists of Trader Joe's Cedarwood and Sage Multipurpose Spray (I love the smell) and Method products as well as windex and Simple Green. But I wanted them to clean it the best that they could, including the gunk around the faucets. They did. My sinks are cleaner than I have ever gotten them.

But it comes at a cost. Both Rhayn and I were sneezing the entire time they were here. Today my head is stuffed up, and I have had to take an antihistamine in order to stop sneezing and dripping.

Its possible that I just have a cold. But sadly I doubt that. I really think that the chemicals used in my house (and the lingering smell of them) is causing my respritory issues today.

I guess that in the future, when I decide to call her again for her awesome services, I will ask her to use my cleaning supplies. And until then, lets just hope that the respritory issues I am having go away soon.

My next step is to tidy up the back and front yards as well as the car. After that, I think I am pretty much done. Maybe a trip to the grocery store is in order. I may only have a few days to fnish these projects, as we have recieved word the Will should be stateside by tonight. TONIGHT! Then he will be home, possibly in a few days.


Amie said...

Yay! So he's coming SOONER than you thought....right? Crossing fingers! And how much for the housekeeping? I absolutely hate hate hate cleaning my oven, fridge, and baseboards and would definitely pay for that service!

hairball said...

giddy giddy giddy!!!!

Jess said...

I have that same reaction to perfume. That stuff makes me feel awful, I never wear any of it.

I hope the fumes clear out and you are feeling better soon. I bet it feels awesome to have that clean of a house!!

Just a few more days and Will will be home and you'll forget you ever sneezed at all.

Everyday Mom Designs said...

How exciting!!

bodaat said...

http://www.earthmaids.com/ Haven't tried them nor do I have any friends who have but might be worth a shot? I've seen these guys in their cars around town. I think they drive hybrids!

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