Disorganized Thoughts

Bleh. That is how I feel. I mean, I have a lot going on in my head, but none of it wants to come out. Its all so random and odd. None of my thoughts flow into a cohesive anything. I want to write about my week, the dogs, joining a gym that Gwennie actually seems to like the childcare at. I want to write about my thoughts, my feelings, but that would involve being able to stop those thoughts and dissecting them and putting them back together in some semblence of order.

Instead I am going to say, that I love getting an entire day to hang out with a friend. I dislike dogs waking me up at 2 am because some silly spotted dog needs to pee. (She really did, as she ran butt down to the door to wait for me to let her out. It made me feel justified in walking downstairs to turn off the alarm before allowing her to go outside and then waiting for a few minutes whilst she peed.) I need to dust my house, everything is so dusty because of the wind. And finally, aside from the wind blowing, the weather today and yesterday was perfection.

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