This afternoon, Rhayn told me she was tired. I knew she was just by looking at her. She said Gwennie kept her up last night. I knew moving Gwennie into Rhayn's room would not be a smooth transition. There are nights when it has been awesome and nights when it is an all night battle. Last night was fairly bad. Gwennie kept getting up and walking in to my room, where I was on the phone with my cousin in the northwest. So, you know, I basically ignored her for most of the time. Around nine she stopped coming in and so I assumed she had gone to sleep.

I don't mind Gwennie sleeping with me, when its just me. I really do like having the bed for Will and I alone when he is home. She wants to be a big girl in her big girl bed. I don't want to push her into it, so I just let her sleep where she wants every night.

This evening I made dinner early (after peeling about ten pounds of carrots. But that is another story.) After dinner I came upstairs because I was in the middle of the laundry that had piled up since Will left. I kept looking at the pile and thinking "there are still some of his dirty clothes in the laundry" which is a weird thought. But it has made me put off laundry a few days longer than I normally do.

Where was I? Oh yes, I was upstairs separating laundry. Gwennie starts screaming and crying and I heard her getting closer. This means she is not hurt too badly, so I waited to see what she has to say. She walked up to me, and showed me a bite mark on her arm. She said "Rhayn. Bit. Me." gasping deeply between each word. This is when I normally would lose it. I didn't. I stayed calm, and said "Rhayn, come up here." When she did (I did have to say it more loudly down the stairs for her to hear me) make it upstairs, I told her to go to bed.

She was in her room at 5 pm. She stayed in there until about 6:30, when I let her get up to type an email to Daddy. (He called today while he was at school and I knew she wants to talk to him.) Then I made her go back to bed.

I felt like the "zen mama" today. I mean I overreact to this sort of thing all the time. But today, I had spent the day being mom and doing house stuff, and I just felt more calm. Then again, I am also about mid-cycle, and my hormones usually make me very happy at this time of the month. I know I ovulated today or yesterday, just by the way I have felt. These hormonal shifts during my cycle fascinate me.

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bodaat said...

ooooh, congratulations! i can only imagine how triumphant you feel. :) that's kinda how i feel when i don't get mad at rich but calmly explain when he does something that is highly irritating. it's like a big fat score of 'one' for me.

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