I'd Like A Maid For Christmas

You know how when you have people over, you speed clean your whole house? Its like you had a maid come in and everything (on the surface at least) looks clean?

Yeah, I need someone to come over. Please? Because then I might get off my butt and clean my whole house (especially the bathrooms, ugh they are in need to cleaning).

I am having a hard time getting more than one space picked up at a time. Once that space is sort of clean I sit down to take a break. Then by the time I get my butt in gear to clean the next space, the first space is dirty again. It is a never ending process. And I totally do NOT want to bring more things into the mess for Christmas. But there will be more stuff brought in. More toys and clothes and junk.

Last night and this morning I made myself clean the toy room. It is also where my sewing machine resides, but I was unable to even reach it because of the mess. I moved things around, it is a sure fire way to make the room feel cleaner and also to make sure that the mess under the couch is vacuumed up.

But I stopped there. I haven't even finished the job. The piles of trash and recycling are still at the top of the stairs waiting to be taken down. The vacuum cleaner is still in the middle of the room. I just don't want to finish.

When Will is home, I don't let it get this bad. I guess having him come home in the evenings makes me at least pick up more regularly. I don't think he needs to see how messy it gets, and I want him to feel calm when he gets home (1950s housewife I am not, though). Now, I want to state that my idea of messy is not that bad. I have been in messy houses where people leave food out on the table for weeks. I clean my kitchen every day, at least the counters. (Don't look at the floor, please.) I take out the trash every few days. Its not as bad as all that. But it is not the clean and organized that makes me feel good and relaxed.

My mess is making me tense and anxious. So I guess that should be my motivation. I told Rhayn her motivation to help me clean is earning money for Winter Faire tomorrow. Sigh. Its friday, my house is a mess, and I just want to lay on the couch in front of the television, because at least the entertainment center is cleaned off.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

Aww, I feel you. Yesterday I cleaned up big time.. Feels good, finally. Still a few things to do though.

Amy said...

I can totally relate! I feel the same way. My house is a mess also. A clean mess, but a cluttered, helter-skelter mess.

The disorganization makes me frustrated and anxious but the thought of cleaning exhausts me. Merely thinking about cleaning wears me out.

If you come up with a solution to this problem, please let me know. (A maid idea sounds good, but we just can't afford one right now.)

Mo said...

I only ever have one or two rooms that are clean. I NEVER have an entirely clean house, even when people are over. Clean doesn't last long in our house either. It sometimes seems as if within minutes toys are everywhere again, and there are doggy foot prints all over the clean kitchen floor.
I also go through stages where I am really motivated, and then stages when I am totally not. I hate clutter though and when the house it cluttered, my brain feels cluttered as well. I know things are REALLY bad when Robert starts to clean because normally he doesn't notice such things! :)

Amie said...

you know it's true, I always feel more at peace when everything is in its place and clean. I try to do that every monday morning to start my week out clean and tidy. Good luck!

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