Greasy Grimy Girlie Heads.

Once again I feel like a total slacker.

I am sick. Sick sick sick. I think I have a mild case of strep throat, or something. My tonsils are swollen and red, there was a little pus in the last week, but it went away. I am watching Rhayn pretty closely (she usually gets strep throat when I have it.)

We spent the weekend in Prescott with family, and had an awesome time.
Gwennie fell in total love with her cousin, Duncan. Her cousin Tatum (with help from Rhayn) covered her hair in glitter gel. Gwen stood perfectly still whilst Tatum gently added blue strips of glitter after the gold glitter gel (darn you Hannah Montana!) I figured it was like all the other kids' glitter gel we have ever bought, totally flaking out and rinsing easily.

Well it doesn't. I made the girls "rinse off" in the shower this morning because they looked like they had covered their heads in grease. However that did nothing to remove the grossness from their hair. (I couldn't even comb Gwennie's hair!)

When Gwen got to Miss K's house, Miss K asked her if she had walked through the sprinklers because she was wet. I told her what happened, and she offered to give Gwen a bath, since she had planned to give her daughter a bath that morning. I told her to go ahead. When I picked Gwen up later she said that the gel was like super glue, it didn't come out after shampooing. Gwen still looks like she rolled around in butter. Hopefully one more washing tonight will rid her of that grease head look.

If not I will make them watch Grease with me tonight, because that would be fun.

And here is a weird picture of Rhayn, just because she wouldn't smile and look at me, but if she had- how pretty would that picture have been?


Amy said...

Good luck with removing the grease. I wish I had some tips for you but my girls haven't discovered glitter gel yet. The worst thing I've had to remove from their hair was sand (and that takes some doing as well).

Let us all know what finally does the trick, in case we end up in your shoes someday.

BTW, love the cute pics....even though Rhyan wasn't smiling or looking in your direction it was still a great shot!

tif-do said...

Sorry your sick... that stinks. It's funny I had a whole blog idea cursing all things Hannah Montana, but never got around to writing it.

tif-do said...

Just thought of something... peanut butter takes gum out of hair... maybe it would work on glitter glue... although I don't know which is worse.

leaner said...

So all things Hannah Montana are bad? I have only watched the show once (my mom made me, she and my dad watch it on Saturdays sometimes.)

bodaat said...

Hope you feel better soon!

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