I decided to cut off Gwen's hair. *sob sob* I loved her messy, dreaded, golden locks. Loved. But she wanted a "hairs cut just like Daddy!" Seriously, she has been asking for one for months. There have been a few times I might have almost thought about giving in. But I always step back. I do not want that.

Rhayn had shortish hair at this age. It was easier. But Gwennie? She had that lovely golden hair. When she played horse (like she does all of the time) she would neigh and shake her hair like a golden mane. I didn't want to chop it off. Sniff sniff.

But I did. And after some time of argument, and Gwennie crying "I don't want my hair like this!" And me hyperventilating (maybe I should have taken her to a salon!) She now looks like this:
Cute, no?

I guess she matches her cousin Madder. Sigh. Three years of growing, but its hair- it grows back. And by the time Daddy is home it will be longer and hopefully you won't even be able to see the two spots she trimmed in the front (because you can still see them now.)


Amy said...

WAY CUTE! You did a much better job than several haircuts I've had done for my Claira...in a kid's salon!

leaner said...

That is because you can't see the back- where I butchered it. I tried to get a picture of the back- but she wouldn't hold still.

Mo said...

It looks great, truly!

And remember, if you still feel bad you can always console yourself with the thought that nothing would be as awful as my infamous "salon cut" a few months ago which has now grown out nicely. Hair is so great because it always grows! :)

leaner said...

Yes, true. It grows. And the more I look at her, the cuter she gets. I have always known she was going to be a short hair person. I am a short hair person (even though at the moment I am contemplating the long drawn out process of growing it out.)

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