Too Dark Park,

My mom taught Dacheese and I a little ditty to sing while swinging.
We only captured a few parts of it, but I will write the whole thing down for all of you. My camera does not take great night pictures from a distance. Sorry that it looks like it was snowing, it is just dust in the air, man.
You do the fish in the front
You do the frog in the back. (as pictured above)
You do the dog running up
and he does it right back.
You do the halloooooooooooow Log
You do the halloooooooooooow Log.
(Repeat as many times as you want.
If you asked her, she would teach it to you, including the tune.)

Yup, you guessed it, this is Dacheese and I doing the
hallooooooooow log.

Trying her darnedest to bounce the baby out.
Rhayn needed Grandma's help to hang upside down after I showed her how.
Needs no help at all, because she often hangs upside down.
You know, because we descended from monkeys.
Madder also needed a little help.

As you can see Madder is wearing the world's most lovely jacket. It was chilly- like in the 60s with a breeze. It was in the 90s on Friday, so that was a big drop. None of us was fully prepared for the cool weather. Good thing this beauty of a jacket lives in my parents closet!

After we got home (around 8:45) I watched a movie, snuggled up in my room. Then fell asleep around ten. It was great, windows open to let in the cool outside air (predictions were lows in the 40s!) Around 3:30 am my smoke detector went off. I shut the windows quickly and pushed the button on the detector in my room (it had a red flashing light to let you know that was the one that was detecting something amiss.) Back to sleep until 4:30 when it went off again. I turned it off, and lay down again. Five minutes later- again. I walked the house at that point to see if a window was open. Nothing. I turned off the fan in my room. About five more minutes and it went off. I pushed the button, and it stopped. This went on until 5am. At that point when it went off, I turned on my computer and started looking at causes. It might be the battery, but when that happens it usually chirps ONCE intermittently throughout the day and night. It might be dust in the sensor. This seemed the most likely.

However it was five in the morning, and I had spent the last half hour jumping at the sound of an alarm. I was not getting my vacuum cleaner out and cleaning it right then. So I did what any sane person would do and ripped the thing out of the wall. It was easily disconnected and was quite dusty inside.

And then I slept peacefully until around 7 when Gwennie woke up. I put Finding Nemo in and slept until almost nine.

Right outside of my bedroom is another smoke detector- it takes care of the large game room, and stairway. Since one of them would go off, it would set off every. freaking. one. Upstairs and down. Neither Rhayn nor I had a good nights sleep. Tell me how Gwennie slept through that commotion?


tif-do said...

All that swinging and still no baby??? Our trailer smoke alarm kept going off like that... Highly annoying... it is now sitting on the counter with no batteries in it.

Amie said...

They're such necessary evils, those smoke detectors. Mine started going off last weekend--just one of them, in my room--and like you said, if the battery is going dead, they're supposed to chirp. I finally just took the battery out. Ugh.

Congrats to your sis. =)

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