Ten on Thursday

Alright its supposed to be Ten on Tuesday- but you saw that I was watching my sister squeeze a baby out of her nether regions, right? It was awesome. She is awesome, and man did she make it look easy with her four pushes and POP! Here come Mellie.

Ten bands that remind ME of high school.CAT(cousin) and I
Junior Prom 1995

1. Nirvana. It was the early 90s, nuff said.

2. Dinosaur Jr. I loved J Mascis and was heart broken and mopey our entire family vacation the summer of 93 because Dinosaur Jr. played at Lollapalooza that summer and I. missed. it. (Oh the injustice!)

3. Snoop Doggy Dogg. Yes, I listened to rap/hip hop, ok? (Still do.) I spent hours listening to Doggystyle, which is a disgusting, degrading, icky album.

4. Billy Ray Cyrus. Achy Breaky Heart in particular. He made a mullet look good. There are a few other country songs that defined my high school years and I am proud to say that I love them still. (George Strait, love ya man.)

5. Morphine. Have you ever listened to them? His voice still sends shivers down my spine.

6. Pearl Jam, all of their 1990s albums make me feel like a teenager.

7. Everclear- (listen to this song- Jesus Was A Democrat! I looooove it. Still love them even though they only play 3 chords.)

8. Sonic Youth- Dirty. Although I didn't realize this was Sonic Youth until last year. I would hear the songs on my husband's playlist and be instantly transported to a time and place in high school.

9. Elastica- driving around in my friend's Fiero listening to Connection. They will always remind me of good times.

10. Lame Garage bands. Although there was one, called Magic Marker 69, filled with my good friends. For my 18th birthday they played at a local park and my best buddy Mikey had written a song called "Outside Appeal" for me. Too this day I occasionally hum it, and think of the words and miss those friendships.

Honorable mention- Duran Duran- The first time I danced with a guy I really liked it was to Ordinary World. I still remember that feeling every time I hear that song. But also, Come Undone was such a good song as well as White Lines.


Christina said...

Great list Leaner! Love the Sonic Youth shout out, they were a defining band of my high school years too. My BFF was obsessed with them and had ALL their albums. Dirty was one of my favorites, that and Goo.

Alicia said...

I totally forgot Dinosaur Jr! I still listen to those albums, though they seriously bum me out.

Good list!

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