Little bit of fun, with a Mullet thrown in for good luck.

I think I looked a little like this during my 1996 senior year. We would have been a fetching couple, no?

Oh, man. Will, With. A. Mullet. Yup, that is HOT!1978
I was one year old, but stylin' with my afro.
Is it just me, or does Will look really nice here?

For some fun, check out this website, yearbook yourself. It is worth an hour of your time. Really. (Thanks, Amie! Looooved this.)


tif-do said...

I'd vote for 1956 Will in the next presidential election

Amy said...

Will looks a bit like John F. Kennedy in that last shot. Funny stuff!

leaner said...

He does look very respectable. Its the executive hair, I think. Think, full and gives off a vibe of authority.

Amie said...

love that last one of WIll! Isn't this fun?

Sara said...

1956 has it going on!

leaner said...

Nobody likes my husband with a mullet? But mullets are so fancy.

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